About us in english

We started off in 2007! Since then, our firm belief has been that every child is unique and irreplaceable, despite having similar problems. Therefore, Cseperedo has built its reputation on a commitment to providing tailor-made support to all children with autism, taking individual preferences into account along with mixing effective early intervention models based on internationally acclaimed experience.

Our aim is to provide such services which most fit the family’s needs. In planning intervention we primarily keep the child’s skills and opportunities in view. We try to target realistic goals including the people who know the child’s most, namely their family members. We follow the latest results in autism research and therapies with close attention. Providing they are well-grounded and evidence-based enough we integrate them into our work.

We have grown, changed throughout the years:

  • We have moved from a single roomed flat to one of four rooms in order to be able to provide our services to many more
  • Since 2007, we have grown from three counselors to a dedicated group of 14, along with a small group of committed volunteers
  • In the beginning stage of the organisation we worked closely with four to five families. Since then we have been able to provide support to more than 60 families on a weekly basis
  • More than 50 children’s diagnostic examinations and assessments are carried out annually

Our services are continuously being expanded. Besides tailoring our work to address specific needs, we also provide:

  • group intervention,
  • music interaction therapy,
  • sparent consultation and
  • sibling therapeutic sessions.

Alongside our basic services (“Walk for Autism” on the world autism awareness day) we would like to generate a wider acceptance of autism socially with programmes such as our autism-friendly events (autism-friendly cocoa concert collaborating with Budapest Festival Orchestra) educational activities,brochures, professional advice and last but not least with us as public speakers. We do the above mentioned to help increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism. This is our most important every day goal for the sake of which we pursue activities concerning competitions and collecting donations.

A great emphasis is placed on those who are interested in autism, along with informing experts in autism and making trainings available.

For years we have been the training place for universities such as, ELTE PPK and for Bárczi Gusztáv Special Needs Education Faculty at ELTE.